Is Revis Island still a place we want to travel?

The Patriots have decided not to pick up the $20 million option in Darrelle Revis’, making him a free agent this week! There have been talks of the Jets going after Revis, but do we want him back? Yes, he is a star cornerback and yes, we know he has held out for contracts in the past so I am very interested to see how this plays out. I do believe any way you slice it Revis will get paid. It’s been said that Revis could possibly even land a $50 million contract. If he did come back to the Jets I wonder how would be in the locker room. Would it be like, hey man that’s cool you left to go get a ring with the Patriots, welcome back! Or, something more along the lines of let’s go get one of those rings for us? I have to say the Jets fans are one of, if not the most loyal fans I have ever come across, and not only because I am one, but because they aren’t afraid to speak up with a stadium roaring boo, or even a plane flying overhead if they don’t like what’s going on! Revis, who is right around the corner from being 30, came back strong in 2014 after tearing his ACL, which originally helped the Patriots get him for an under-market rate. I do believe he still has a few good years in him and yes, I think he would be an asset to any team. So I say if we can get him, let’s go for it!

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