COACHES and GMs and QBs Oh My!

Yes I am sad to see Rex go, but I believe it was time. As much as I liked him and I still believe he is a great coach and a player’s coach, the system is broken and we need a fresh start. Bringing Idzik in without letting him pick a head coach for me was a tricky scenario. You can’t expect the new guy to fix all the problems and at the same time make him work with his hands tied. I’m not saying that Idzik would have fixed anything better without Rex and I’m not sure I would have put my faith in Idzik, especially after some of the choices he made, but I think from the beginning it was designed to fail. We move on to our new GM Mike Maccagnan and Head Coach Todd Bowles. Coach Bowls was the defensive backs coach for the Jets in 2000; he has also did great things in Arizona as the Cardinals Defensive Coordinator. I like that it’s not his first time with this organization and that he grew up in Elizabeth, New Jersey so he’s got that comfortable I’m going home thing going for him.  Yet again, our head coach is coming from the defensive side of things, but I have to admit I have a good feeling about this one. Does Coach Bowles have confidence that he can get to where he wants to be with Geno as his QB, or will he and new GM Mike Maccagnan try and go after a QB in the draft. Smith did finish strong with a 97.9 passer rating in the final five games of last season, but while Coach Bowles stresses ball security will Smith be the QB. Any way you slice it it’s time we focus on our offense and starting to figure out how to put more points up and win more games.

As far as Rex Ryan, not only did he stay in the state but also he stayed in the division! I know it’s far away but the Buffalo Bills are still a NY team and I think it will be very interesting facing them this season.

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